Arrived at their first location!

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Cal & Scott have arrived and set up camp for their first night in the outback. There was a pause and a long ummmmm…when asked how many times they got lost today…. Hopefully Scott won’t  give in to Calem’s highly convincing and highly misguiding navigational suggestions  🙂

Glad to hear they’ve arrived safely, hope it continues as the extreme weather warnings continue.



No stopping us now!

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Just received a phone call from Calem saying they have arrived safely in Providence however it was a challenging trip up. The Bronco’s brakes failed, resulting in them having to tag team the 4 horses up with 1 float and 1 car. Made for a very long trip and another very late night!!! But all are well and they are still on track for departure in the morning. Here’s to smooth riding from here on. 🙂

Away they go!

•February 28, 2009 • 2 Comments

Well today the adventure began!

In true ‘nothing like the last minute’ fashion Calem submitted the final draft for his major project for his masters degree at 10:20pm last night, after a full day stint to complete  it.  Then a few hours of further last minute preparation including adding final items to the food drop boxes and packing up the cars,  got to bed at 2:30am only to awake at 4am ready for the adventure to begin…..

Scott & Calem along with Toni and Colin headed off this morning, with 2 cars, 2 floats and 4 horses. With an aim to leave at 6am, Matilda felt the need to develop claustrophobia and took a lot of coaxing to get on the float. With the help of her companion Shadrack and a lot of TLC by Toni and Colin, they proceeded out the gate at 7:30am, with all four horses on board!

At this point we would like to thank Colin & Toni for all their assistance in making this trip possible. While we have had a lot of constraints on our preparation time, we have come a long way from when our plans began mid 2008, and Colin particularly has done a lot of work to assist us in getting where we are today.

Back to the trip…..

The boys are taking the weekend to get up to Providence in NSW and get organised, ready for departure Monday morning. They will be packed up with supplies to last them through the next 7 days where they will be met by the rest of the crew (Jessica & Jessie, and 2 additional horses) next Sunday evening. They will be travelling from Providence through to Khancoban in those 7 days, taking it slow and letting the horses adjust to their new environment and lifestyle.

Some history on the National Trail…

The Bicentennial National Trail was initially organised by RM Williams and Dan Seymor and after 3 years of planning and preparation and in time for the opening in November 1988, they had established and marked the route from Cooktown, Nothern Qld to Healesville, Victoria.  The concept had become reality not only for horse riders but also for bush walkers and mountain bike riders. As a multi- purpose trail it was officially launched as the Bicentennial National Trail.

Check out their website for further information:

I will try and keep you up to date on the boys  adventures over the next week.

With hopefully lots of pictures to follow.

Thanks everyone for your support!


The Odyssey Crew


•February 23, 2009 • 2 Comments

Hi Everyone,

We have uploaded some pictures of our recent planning.

Check them out!

The Odyssey Crew 🙂

Calem & Scott with The General

Cal, Scott & The General

Cal & Gen after a hard day of planning

Cal & Gen after a hard day of planning

The curious General "So what are we up to guys?"

General “So what are we up to guys?

Planning a trip or something?”

Scott...pondering... whether we will have enough food

Scott…pondering… whether we will have enough food.

Testing out the pack saddle and the pack horse.

Testing out the pack saddle and the pack horse.


•February 13, 2009 • 2 Comments

So! We are now in the last stages of planning for the trip, we have all been scrambling to organise the last minute food and the few items of remaining gear.  Last weekend we made the final adjustments to the pack and loaded up our newly acquired top bag.

The excitement is building with Calem having finished work and Scott finishing on the 24th of February.

The food is now all packed up and in drop off boxes ready to be delivered to all of the wonderful people who are helping us with food drops.

Jessica has made a great itinerary which will be posted on this site so all can track our progress.

We will be posting profiles of the us and our horses in the About section so please have a look and get to know us!


The Odyssey Crew