Friday the 13th…..

Well what an adventure! There is too much to tell and i don’t know where to start so you will have to wait for our journal to be uploaded online  to get the full story,  however most of you now know that my adventure has come to an end as i sit here stranded in the Corryong caravan park nursing a broken ankle.  After my third day of riding i jumped onto Trigger bareback to go and collect some water from the stream when something (possibly my metal drink bottle) spooked him and he took off like a bucking bronco knocking me off and kicking my ankle with his hoof on my way to the ground. After waiting till the next day to get some help followed by a 3hr drive for Colin to come and get me and a 3hr drive to the nearest hospital with xray facilities i was diagnosed with a cracked tibia some 24rs later.

Anyway, stay posted for the journals to be uploaded to hear more of our stories and as the rest of the crew continue on…..

from the odyssey’s new webmaster

Jessica xxoo


~ by theodysseycrew on March 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “Friday the 13th…..”

  1. So sorry to hear about your mishap! Hope all goes well. I have the photos and diary to load, but with my own expedition to Darwin, these are not up yet… Does anybody want that flash drive posted back up?

  2. Hi Jessica!

    Can I sign your cast??? Hope you are feeling better soon! I’m busy building a shed out back….come see sometime? Maybe friday we can have a pizza night or something? Can’t wait till everyone is back safe & sound. xoxo David 5424-1105

  3. Hi Keith, That’s my flash drive so i’ll get it from you when i see you next. Hope to join you on the trip up to Dargo, so I’ll talk to you then. Jessica

  4. Just a note to say dad and I made it safely back last night with Archie and General. What a fantastic trip. I wish I was still there, it was over all too quick. The boys should be meeting Jessica and James tonight and hopefully all goes well for the rest of the trip. Thanks again to everyone who has helped us along the way it was all greatly appritiated. Jessie

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