New Journal Entries!

•May 28, 2009 • 3 Comments

The journal entries from the boys first week on the trail are now posted under diary entries on the right!

Friday 6th March is worth a read for a good chuckle 🙂



Jessica xoxo

Photo Gallery Now Available!

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Hey Everyone,

Finally what you’ve all been waiting for, our photos have been added to a gallery for your viewing…well at least the top 1000!   🙂


The Odyssey Crew

Back to Civilisation!

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Hi everyone! We are all now back safely, just in time for Easter. A fantastic adventure was had by all, even Jessica who made an effort to miss as little of the trip as possible! The horses all made it back fine too, just a little skinny and a few sore spots. Now the job of uploading our journals and some of the 6,000 photographs that were taken along the way. A big thanks to James and his crew for doing the final food drop where a fantastic spit roast and awesome four-wheel driving was enjoyed by all. Check out our latest diary entries that are being uploaded.


The Odyssey Crew

Latest Pics

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Leaving Khancoban with our pack horse loaded to the top!

Leaving Khancoban with our pack horse loaded to the top!

Arrival at Keebles Hut

Arrival at Keebles Hut
Arrival at Keebles Hut

Arrival at Keebles Hut

The road to Keebles Hut

The road to Keebles Hut

Riding into Keebles beautiful!

Riding into Keebles beautiful!

The Pituresque Views

The Pituresque Views

Morning Dew at Keebles Hut

Morning Dew at Keebles Hut

Morning Mist at Keebles Hut

Morning Mist

Friday the 13th…..

•March 16, 2009 • 4 Comments

Well what an adventure! There is too much to tell and i don’t know where to start so you will have to wait for our journal to be uploaded online  to get the full story,  however most of you now know that my adventure has come to an end as i sit here stranded in the Corryong caravan park nursing a broken ankle.  After my third day of riding i jumped onto Trigger bareback to go and collect some water from the stream when something (possibly my metal drink bottle) spooked him and he took off like a bucking bronco knocking me off and kicking my ankle with his hoof on my way to the ground. After waiting till the next day to get some help followed by a 3hr drive for Colin to come and get me and a 3hr drive to the nearest hospital with xray facilities i was diagnosed with a cracked tibia some 24rs later.

Anyway, stay posted for the journals to be uploaded to hear more of our stories and as the rest of the crew continue on…..

from the odyssey’s new webmaster

Jessica xxoo

The Girls are off!

•March 7, 2009 • 2 Comments

See you everyone, we’re off to Khancoban, to start our ride Monday. Can’t wait for the adventure. Thanks to everyone who’s helped along the way particularly those doing food drops and trips up.

Take care… see you when we get back

Jess & Jess


Pics from boys trip up.

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Arrived at their first location!

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Cal & Scott have arrived and set up camp for their first night in the outback. There was a pause and a long ummmmm…when asked how many times they got lost today…. Hopefully Scott won’t  give in to Calem’s highly convincing and highly misguiding navigational suggestions  🙂

Glad to hear they’ve arrived safely, hope it continues as the extreme weather warnings continue.


No stopping us now!

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Just received a phone call from Calem saying they have arrived safely in Providence however it was a challenging trip up. The Bronco’s brakes failed, resulting in them having to tag team the 4 horses up with 1 float and 1 car. Made for a very long trip and another very late night!!! But all are well and they are still on track for departure in the morning. Here’s to smooth riding from here on. 🙂

Away they go!

•February 28, 2009 • 2 Comments

Well today the adventure began!

In true ‘nothing like the last minute’ fashion Calem submitted the final draft for his major project for his masters degree at 10:20pm last night, after a full day stint to complete  it.  Then a few hours of further last minute preparation including adding final items to the food drop boxes and packing up the cars,  got to bed at 2:30am only to awake at 4am ready for the adventure to begin…..

Scott & Calem along with Toni and Colin headed off this morning, with 2 cars, 2 floats and 4 horses. With an aim to leave at 6am, Matilda felt the need to develop claustrophobia and took a lot of coaxing to get on the float. With the help of her companion Shadrack and a lot of TLC by Toni and Colin, they proceeded out the gate at 7:30am, with all four horses on board!

At this point we would like to thank Colin & Toni for all their assistance in making this trip possible. While we have had a lot of constraints on our preparation time, we have come a long way from when our plans began mid 2008, and Colin particularly has done a lot of work to assist us in getting where we are today.

Back to the trip…..

The boys are taking the weekend to get up to Providence in NSW and get organised, ready for departure Monday morning. They will be packed up with supplies to last them through the next 7 days where they will be met by the rest of the crew (Jessica & Jessie, and 2 additional horses) next Sunday evening. They will be travelling from Providence through to Khancoban in those 7 days, taking it slow and letting the horses adjust to their new environment and lifestyle.

Some history on the National Trail…

The Bicentennial National Trail was initially organised by RM Williams and Dan Seymor and after 3 years of planning and preparation and in time for the opening in November 1988, they had established and marked the route from Cooktown, Nothern Qld to Healesville, Victoria.  The concept had become reality not only for horse riders but also for bush walkers and mountain bike riders. As a multi- purpose trail it was officially launched as the Bicentennial National Trail.

Check out their website for further information:

I will try and keep you up to date on the boys  adventures over the next week.

With hopefully lots of pictures to follow.

Thanks everyone for your support!


The Odyssey Crew